Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Watch time fly by at Gravelly Point

I've loved planes since I was a little girl.  An uncle of mine (by marriage) had a single engine prop plane that he took me for a flight in when I was about six or seven years old.  I was completely fearful of getting in the plane at the start but once we took off from the tarmac, I was in love!  He even let me take control of the stick and guide us through the air for a few minutes.

I was 23 when I finally took my first commercial flight and I was smitten all over again.  I'm that passenger who enjoys the turbulence because it's like a roller coaster ride.  Yep, I'm a little bit crazy.  These days I don't do much flying but I do enjoy driving to Gravelly Point Park and watching the planes take off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

On the north side of the runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is where you’ll find the perfect spot for taking in the sights and sounds of airliner departures and arrivals. As the planes take off you’ll feel the ground shake beneath your feet and the vibrations flow through your chest. The park is a common waiting area for local private car service drivers awaiting their clients’ landings. However, lots of locals know of this spectacular viewing area and while the parking lot may be full there is more than enough room between the grassy lawns and the near dozen picnic tables to not feel crowded by other visitors (read more...)

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