Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A secret garden in plain sight

Back in the beginning of April, after I'd returned from a trip to NYC, I decided that I'd join the tourists in D.C. and check out the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin.  Since I was already on the National Mall I figured why not walk around taking pics of the monuments as well.  As I navigated my way to the Tidal Basin area I stumbled upon the National Park Service's Tulip Library.  I'd never heard a word about it in any of my travels to D.C. before I actually lived here.  It's as if it was some secret garden hiding in plain sight that I'd just lucked out to come across.

On the north side of the Tidal Basin sits a small but plentiful garden of tulips. This garden, often never known about until stumbled upon, was first planted by the National Park Service back in 1969. The Tulip Library, as it is referred to by the National Park Service, truly is a secret garden in plain sight because unless one is driving or walking westbound on Independence Avenue SW just before the turn off onto Maine Avenue SW the garden often goes unnoticed.(read more...)

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